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Poker Strategy

  • Strip Poker Strategy
    Clearspine 2010/04/19 Clearspine Advanced Poker Strategy

    Strip Poker Strategy
    The most important piece of strategy involved in playing strip poker is organizing the right group of players for the game. If the table is made up of people that a) you wouldn’t want to see naked, or b) you wouldn’t want to have see YOU naked (like your boss, your mother, or an IRS agent), you are not going to have any fun, and you most definitely shouldn’t play. If the game is going to be populated with people who you know will be too uptight to get completely nude, you should also consider a different game, like Twister, to break the ice.

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  • Considerations For Playing With A Short Stack
    Aaron Hendrix 2010/01/01 Aaron Hendrix Advanced Poker Strategy

    Considerations For Playing With A Short Stack
    In tournament poker, it is inevitable that if you play long enough you will find yourself short stacked. It's easy to just shove all your chips into the middle and hope you get lucky and double up, but there is a better way of approaching how to play a short stack and if done properly, you can make it deeper in tournaments and possibly even turn a short stack into a big stack.

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  • Is Fold Equity Over Rated?
    Aaron Hendrix 2009/11/24 Aaron Hendrix Advanced Poker Strategy

    Is Fold Equity Over Rated?
    Poker experts and theorists around the world often talk about a concept known as fold equity and it's importance in given situations. The technical definition for fold equity is the equity a poker player gains due to their opponent folding to a bet. The layman's definition is do I have enough chips or is my bet big enough to induce my opponent to fold.

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