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Strip Poker Rules

Strip Poker Rules

Strip Poker

If you would like to bring some excitement to your home poker game and make it a little more interesting, you should try playing strip poker. It is a game of poker which is played for your clothes instead of money or chips. Due to  the obvious reasons strip poker is the game that should only be played by adults. However, it may also be played with money or chips and only start using clothes when a player has no funds left. When someone looses a hand they have to take off a part of their clothing. Strip poker can be played in any poker variation, however it is better to use the more simple ones and those with less betting rounds, like 5 card stud for example.

Strip Poker: Player Selection

Before you start thinking about how exciting your strip poker game is going to be, make sure that all of the players are suitable for the game – have a good sense of humor and do not mind getting naked in front of their friends. Strip poker is meant for couples, lovers or a group of like minded people and friends who are not ashamed of taking off their clothes while other people are watching. This is not the kind of game that someone should be forced to play as it just would not be fun for them as well as for the rest of the players.

Strip Poker: Rules

In strip poker people play for their clothes instead of money. In case a person looses the hand, they have to give up one of their clothes. The game continues until all (or all but one) of the players get absolutely naked. Strip poker may also begin as a regular poker game with chips and money and clothes going off only when all of the chips are lost. Any poker game is suitable for strip poker, although the most popular is Texas Hold'em as it's the most widely spread poker variation. However, all of the other variations are good as well.

Ways to Run the Game

  • Playing poker with no betting rounds. For example, one of the draw poker variations, when players show their cards after they have made their changes. The player with the worst hand (or all of the players except the one that won the game) has to take off one of their clothes.
  • Dave Sawyer had published detailed instructions on the most interesting variations of strip poker. Most of them include playing draw poker games and are based on the original two-chip mechanism which allows the players to fold their cards, however, not too often.
  • Poker with bets – the betting levels include various combinations of truth telling, showing courage and taking off one's clothing.
  • A game of poker in which every player has a limited number of chips. The player who looses all of their chips has to take a part of their clothing to buy more chips. Although this variation of strip poker might be a little slow, this is how the game was born in the first place.
  • Another game of strip poker is based on the American TV show. The game is played by two teams – two men against two women. The teams ask each other questions – if the team answers correctly they collect one of the two cards which complements their card combination; the other team gets the remaining card and have to take off their clothes. From 2001 to 2003 the Finnish Subtv had a similar program called “Räsypokka” hosted by Jaajo Linnonmaa. Unlike its US “relative”, the Finnish had awarded their audience with full nudity.
  • In strip poker every card has its price. The player who looses the hand takes one card from the winner and has to complete one task (some of them include taking off clothes) which depends on how much raises there were made during the game.

Strip Poker: How Much do the Clothes Cost?

One more important issue that should be discussed by the players before the beginning of the strip poker game is the price of the clothing. If a sock costs one stake, does the shirt cost two? The players should also decide what currency will each clothing represent and will they be able to buy their clothes back.

Strip Poker: When does the Game End?

The players should decide themselves. If someone gets undressed to their underwear and tries to cover themselves saying that they don't want to play anymore, the game of strip poker should be over.

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