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TOP 10 Starting Poker Hands (Texas Hold'em)

Starting hands in Texas Hold'em poker are very important as every player receives only two hole cards and as many as 5 cards are dealt face-up on the table for everyone to use. This means that the outcome of the game depends a lot on the player's hole cards which are the only ones that the rest of the players cannot see. So in order to become a good Texas Hold'em player one must know which hands are worth playing and which ones are not.

Therefore OnlinePoker10 gives you the list of Top 10 Texas Hold'em best starting hands. Although there are disagreements in the poker player community about some of the poker hands being better or worse, the following is made according to several high-quality poker resources.

1. A-A

A pair of aces is considered to be the best starting hand in Texas Hold'em poker as it is still a rather high hand even if the community cards do not bring anything better (and they usually don't). A pair of aces is also know as Pocket Rockets (because of their rocket-like shape), American Airlines (for the same acronym) and by a lot of other names.

2. K-K

The second-best Texas Hold'em hand, a high pair, still strong on its own. The hand is usually called the Cowboys (as poker had been usually played by cowboys, also because the K of Kings being similar to C of Cowboys) or even Brokeback (Because of the famous movie about two gay cowboys).

3. Q-Q

A pair of queens is the last of the three highest pairs in Texas Hold'em, the rest of the best starting hands are rather high suited card combinations than pairs. The two queens are called the Ladies (as they're the only “female” cards) when they win and the Bitches or the Prostitute (it blows and it costs you money) when they loose.

4. A-K (suited)

There are debates on whether this hand is really that good. Some say that it is overestimated, however, the statistics show that it has good chances of winning the pot in comparison to the other hole card combinations. Some of the A-K nicknames are King Arthur (because of the same acronym), Big Slick and Anna Kurnikova (both look better then they play) given by those who tend to underestimate it.

5. A-Q (suited)

Ace – Queen a.k.a. Big Chick (imitating Big Slick – AK) or Anthony & Cleopatra. Suited ace-queen is also a rather strong hand for having an ace in it and a high kicker. It is also good because it's suited  and might win in case a flush comes out.

6. J-J

A pair of jacks is the sixth strongest hand in Texas Hold'em. It is also known as the Brothers and Fishhooks.

7. K-Q (suited)

King – Queen suited is also considered to be a rather strong Texas Hold'em starting hand. So called Royal Couple is the seventh strongest hand in the Top 10 hand list.

8. A-J (suited)

Ace – Jack might not be as good in poker as it is in Blackjack (although the hand is often called this way), it is still among the best starting hands in Texas Hold'em.

9. A-K (offsuit)

Ace – King again, only this time it's offsuit. Although the Big Slick is often criticized, nobody can deny that AK is one of the strongest hole card combinations in poker. In fact, it is the only hand that gets into the Top 10 list twice, both suited and offsuit.

10. T-T

A pair of tens is the last one on the Top 10 hand list. However, Dimes, TNT or Audi is also a topic of debate, as some of the poker players consider K-J suited to be a bit stronger hand in Texas Hold'em. However, the statistics show that the players with a pair of tens have a better chance of winning the pot than those with K-J suited.

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